May 25, 2017

ICx Seplaa Executive Leadership Program


ICx Seplaa conducts international executive leadership and conflict management training sessions for various professions, which include mid career managers, managers, policy developers, senior teachers, doctors, lawyers and educationalists.

The following are upcoming international conference opportunities at ICx Seplaa:

  • International ICx Seplaa Executive Intrapreneurship & Leadership Conference in Turkey. (23,  24, 25th February, 2018).
  • International ICx Seplaa Workshop on Seplaapreneurship in Turkey. (23 February, 2018.)

These training programs focus on cutting edge issues and latest innovative models including digital leadership in practice around the world. To request more information, please email us at

To request a customized training at your institution or organization, please contact us. The first ICx Seplaa Executive Leadership Program Orientation was held at the Lincoln’s Corner at the Information Technology University (ITU).


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