Executive Leadership Program Orientation

ICx Seplaa at Lincoln’s Corner, ITU.

by Fakeha Rasheed- ICx Seplaa Coordinator.


Excited about its Executive Leadership Program (ELP), Seplaa Enterprises team held an open-to-all session at Lincoln’s Corner Lahore at Arfa Software Technology Park in July 2017. The objective of the meeting was to discuss some highlights of the program as to:

  • What has been done so far?
  • How is it intended to be taken forward?
  • What kind of content will it be covering?
  • Who is the right candidate for this program?
  • How will it benefit the participants?

To make the event productive for every participant, Mrs. Malik kept on taking input from everyone during the presentation. The practice helped addressing a number of concerns and questions right at the spot. Besides the program overview, Mrs. Malik also briefed about some of the great achievements of Seplaa Enterprises from the past. Those included all the clubs, forums and enterprises formed under the auspices of Seplaa Enterprises.

It was overwhelming to know that Seplaa Enterprises has traveled far and wide to promote peace building, children empowerment, social development, women empowerment and youth development initiatives. From USA to Iraq, to Central and South Punjab (Pakistan), Mrs. Malik has presented papers on whatever the need of the hour was.

Coming back to ELP, the teaching methodology was finalized as (primarily) ‘case study method of teaching’. The upside of this decision was the fact that all the case studies to be used in the program would be the ones developed by Seplaa Enterprises; therefore, the content of our program would be something no one can claim to have gone through in the past.

Keeping in consideration the keen interest of some of our corporate contacts, the team agreed to do an earlier-than-decided round of the program by the end of August 2017. The presentation concluded with the discussion on tentative dates for future offerings of the Executive Leadership Program.

Already enthralled by the oh-so-splendid venue, the meeting attendees experienced a great ending to that fruitful session by networking with each other over a cup of tea which literally served as ‘networking tea’ in true spirit.

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