Seplaa Orientation Workshop for Kinnaird Faculty held

Lahore- 18th August, 2017.

The Seplaa Enterprises held an information session as an Orientation Workshop for the Faculty Members of Kinnaird College in the Hladia Hall of Kinnaird College.


The workshop was given by Seplaa Enterprises Founder & CEO, Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik.  Almost 100 Kinnaird College Faculty Members, including Principal Dr. Rukhsana David, Dean, Associate Deans, HoDs and staff were given a detailed orientation about Seplaa Enterprise, ICx Seplaa, Incubator & TrainingsSewegap Women HubSeplaa Social Entrepreneurs Forum of Asia & Middle East – Seplaa Sefa-meImpact Seplaa World Think TankSeplaa Young Leaders’ Club and the Seplaa Foundation.

The concept of social entrepreneurship emerging as a mode of conducting business while benefiting the community, was touched upon as a pillar of future programs to be conducted by ICx Seplaa at Kinnaird.

ICx Seplaa programs will be starting at Kinnaird College for Women from September 2017 and are expected to reach across to over 2000 students each year from 2017-2020.

This is part of a 3 years long MoU of Seplaa Enterprises with Kinnaird College for Women whereby Seplaa team will be reaching across to 2000 direct student beneficiaries each year through various programs. Through a detailed schedule, 6000 young women in 3 years and an additional 42,000 indirect beneficiaries are expected to learn about the benefits of becoming a part of the Seplaa projects and training programs. 

The intention is to create a ripple effect of community action and learning about social enterprise development to build peace, create green solutions, empower women and youth.

Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, Seplaa Enterprises CEO with Dr. Rukhsana David, Principal Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore.


An enthralled audience comprising of senior faculty members at Kinnaird College.

Ms. Ammara Malik giving the orientation talk to Kinnaird College Faculty members.

Some of the comments from faculty members who attended the Orientation Workshop given by Ms. Ammara Malik are as follows:

‘Absolutely inspiring. Overwhelmed by your courage, will and faith’.

– Ms. Urusa Fahim (Applied Psycology Faculty Member at Kinnaird College)

‘It was a wonderful talk. I feel lucky to be a part of today’s talk. I am currently working and teaching community nutrition and am part of the Active Citizen’s Program. I am eager to learn more about SEPLAA and looking forward to serve as a part of this team. Loved your story and its an inspiration for me, a new vision towards life.’

– Ms. Syeda Aliya Sherazi (Food Science & Human Nutrition Faculty Member at Kinnaird College.)

‘It was a wonderful experience for me to listen to your talk today at Kinnaird. And by listening to your stories I have also learnt a lot. If you wanted to do something, you are not limited to any platform. Well I would say you are doing a wonderful task. Wish you all the best in the future.’

-Ms. Ayesha Khaliq (Fine Arts Faculty Member at Kinnaird College.)



‘Your story and work is inspirational. Glad to have you at Kinnaird!’ 

-Ms. Shireen Mushtaq (International Relations Faculty Member at Kinnaird.)


‘An excellent effort by a very brave woman.’

-Ms. Sumaira Mehboob (Biochemistry Faculty Member at Kinnaird.)

‘Excellent programme Ammara. Would like to do anything for uplifting of women’. 

-Ms. Farah Anjum (Senior Kinnaird Faculty Member, Statistics Department.)

Please view event pictures here.



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