Online Courses at Kinnaird College

Lahore- We started our trainings in Kinnaird College in October 2017 and soon realized that with Kinnaird’s hectic schedule, it was difficult for a lot of girls to join. We then improvised and offered to teach the same courses (Social Enterprise Development Training and Job Readiness Training) online.

With the Kinnaird administration giving us the go ahead to conduct the first ever online courses in partnership with Kinnaird College, we are making history at Kinnaird and Lahore!

This meant a lot more work at ICx Seplaa’s side because we now had to build our online resources. But this also meant that we are now not just be restricted to Kinnaird and Lahore, but can venture out into KP, South Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan online as well.

The first ONLINE COURSES at Kinnaird are taking ICx Seplaa into the digital space in real time.

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