July 24, 2019

Accelerated A’ / University Level Workshops Program

ICx Seplaa International is proud to announce the launch of it’s after school ‘ICx Seplaa International Accelerated A’ Level & University Level Workshops Program’ from January 2020.

Subject Areas that we will cover include:

1. Maths

2. Physics

3. Law

4. Economics

5. Business Studies.

at the Seplaa Hub in DHA Lahore. 

Who this is for:

  • A’ Level students enrolled in morning school programs who wish to excel in their A’ Level exams.
  • A’ Level students who wish to appear in British Council A’ level exams but are not enrolled in morning programs.
  • A’ Level students who wish to get a world vision for the practical application of their subjects beyond A’ levels ( university level learning experience).

What students get:

  • Preparation for A’ level exams.
  • Certification from ICx Seplaa International.


ICx Seplaa International has a world class faculty with over 20 years’ of experience in practical application of the above subjects as well as in the teaching component, at A’ levels and at university level.

Our faculty has taught at the Lahore Grammar School 55 Main, Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Branch, Lahore Grammar School Defence, LUMS, Punjab University, SKANS, UCL and Pakistan College of Law.

Career Opportunity:

Interested prospective faculty members can express their interest through email at seplaa.coordinator@gmail.com latest by 15th August 2019. We will start meeting potential candidates after the 17th of August 2019. 

For more information, please call 0309 6800018.


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