June 6, 2015

ICx Seplaa Development Projects

ICx Seplaa partners with the Seplaa Foundation to deliver incubation trainings and empowerment support to children, youth and women.

In 2014, ICx SEPLAA at IUB, Bahawalpur ICX Seplaa partnered with the SEPLAA Foundation with funding from Umeed Jawan (Creative Associates International) for the youth and women in Bahawalpur, March 2014- March 2015.


General Information about ICx SEPLAA Incubation Cylces:

Incubation Cycles  comprised of :

1. One week of trainings (4 Days a week)
2. 2 Weeks of additional support from Mentors and Experts.
3. Eligibility to take part in a Social Entrepreneurship Challenge at the end of 3 weeks.

Benefits of joining ICx SEPLAA at IUB Bahawalpur:

First Stage: Incentive for the 60 students:

1. Completely sponsored Workshops on how to set up your own social business was covered over 4 days with international resources
2. Certification of successful participants who attended all the workshops in each Cycle from the SEPLAA Foundation.
3. 16 winners were announced from the 8 ICx Social Entrepreneurship Challenges.

Second Stage: Incentive for 16 Winners from 8 Incubation Cycles:

Winners were provided with the following:
1. Support from Mentors and experts from Lahore
2. Completely sponsored legal advice and legal registration of social enterprise
3. Completely sponsored web design and content writing advice for website development.
4. Website domain registration and hosting of new social business created to be sponsored for one year.
5. Tax advice for each new social business.

Third Stage:

Best ICx Youth Social Entrepreneur Award (Cash prizes for the best 3 were awarded at the 4th Annual SEPLAA International Talent of Pakistan Social Entrepreneurship Conference & Awards held in Lahore.)

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