July 24, 2015

Global Outreach

ICx Seplaa Director, Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, is one of Pakistan’s leading innovators in social entrepreneurship development in the region. She has published numerous research and opinion articles on social entrepreneurship , nationally and internationally.

In 2014, she presented her research paper at the University of Duhok (Iraq) in the International Symposium on Peace & Education, organized by the Center of Global Affairs, New York University (USA) and UNICEF on ‘‘Innovative Solutions to Promote Peacebuilding: A Case Study Analysis of the Social Entrepreneurship for Peacebuilding Model in Pakistan and its Application in Iraqi Kurdistan’. She was able to build several lasting connections here especially with the New York University and visiting scholars from Columbia University.

In January 2017, she gave a talk on ‘The Role of Social Enterprise in Fostering Partnership between Pakistan and Afghanistan’ which was organized by the Hollings Center for International Dialogue and the US Embassies of Islamabad and Kabul in Male, Maldives during the ‘Afghanistan Pakistan Partnership Summit’. She has also been a member of the LUMS Entrepreneurial Working Group that helped establish the LUMS Center of Entrepreneurship, developed the Impact Change Xcelerator (ICx) SEPLAA Incubator and is presently a doctoral candidate in the Executive Doctor of Business Administration program, focusing on ‘social entrepreneurship, action based leadership and policy’, online from the Business School Netherlands.

She is the Founder of the Pakistan Social Entrepreneurs Network (PSEN) and Founder of the Seplaa Social Entrepreneurs Forum of Asia & Middle East (Seplaa SEFAME).


International Outreach:



We were able to speak about Seplaa’s creative incubator model, the Impact Change Xcelerator (ICx) Seplaa, internationally in the US and later in Iraq during an International Peacebuilding Symposium in May 2014.


We were also able to speak about ICx Seplaa at several seminars in Pakistan including the International Conference on Social Entrepreneurship recently organized by i-Genius(UK) in Lahore.


Okapi Research Institute in India also conducted a case study on 2 innovative social enterprise models from Pakistan for a South Asian study and SEPLAA’s incubator on social entrepreneurship for peacebuilding was the main case study selected for research from Pakistan. The research paper was later presented in an international conference in Sri Lanka which is a great achievement for ICx SEPLAA.










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