June 6, 2015

ICx Seplaa History

 To read more about the history of the SEPLAA Foundation, please see link.


Development of the Impact Change Xcelerator since 2011

SEPLAA Foundation had been working on the two-step Impact Change Xcelerator project since 2011. The idea was first floated in 2011 by launching the Impact SEPLAA Think Tank (International Online Resource Forum). Impact SEPLAA was a social change development initiative by SEPLAA Foundation that aimed to highlight social issues that plague Pakistan. Young people got an opportunity to exchange innovative ideas and opinions on this public platform to promote learning and growth by thinking outside the box.

Ms. Ammara Farooq Malik (CEO, SEPLAA Foundation) had been conducting seminars and capacity building workshops with youth at various colleges, universities and institutions including LUMS, Punjab University, Forman Christian College University, Lahore College for Women University, COMSATS, Plan 9 PITB Tech Incubator, Sharif Education Complex and TiE (Lahore Chapter) since February 2013 to promote the concept of social entrepreneurship amongst youth fresh out of universities.

‘It took me 5 years after founding the SEPLAA Foundation to put my finger on what would be the best way for me to give back to the community with my specif set of skills as an educator, an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a journalist, a mother and a working Pakistani woman; my experiences of dealing with a sick child who had to undergo two bone marrow transplants and the resultant passion for giving back to others…but I could not decide which was the best way through which I could put all my skills to the best use.

After much research and deliberation, I had an answer. The result is the setting up of the Impact Change Xcelerator (iCx) created under the SEPLAA Foundation: A social entrepreneurship incubator with a strong story behind it, run by people who have first hand experience of bringing about change through education, health, empowerment, disaster management, advocacy, youth mobilization, social media and IT leverage for change and above all community development, all at the SEPLAA Foundation.

Because our story sets us apart as unique and makes us all the more different and specifically experienced in bringing about social change, at ICx we hope to create a ripple effect of positive change that can be felt effectively and even globally through the creation of more social enterprises.’

 Ammara Farooq Malik, Founder & CEO, SEPLAA Foundation & ICx., November 2013.

ICx Seplaa was created with development support in peacebuilding from the Center of Global Affairs, NYU (New York University, USA). SEPLAA Foundation had already been working on projects that were partnered with CGA NYU since March 2011 including peacebuilding and capacity building workshops through interactive sessions via Skype.

In 2014, ICx SEPLAA launched it’s projects in Lahore and later in Bahawalpur.  In South Punjab the project was piloted under Umeed Jawan (Creative Associates International) and reached across to over 2,300 youth with the aim to build peace through social enterprise development.

In April 2015, ICx Seplaa was separated from the SEPLAA Foundation to ensure sustainability and is now running as the incubator and trainings platform of the Seplaa Enterprises. From January 2018, ICx Seplaa has become ICx Seplaa International with programs being developed in Pakistan, Turkey, Middle East and South Asia.

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