May 25, 2017

International Learning Programs


ICx Seplaa International conducts international executive leadership and conflict management learning programs for various professions, which include mid career managers, managers, policy developers, senior teachers, doctors, lawyers and educationalists.

ICx Seplaa International is presently working on and developing the following international learning programs:

1. Executive Women Leadership Program.
2. Executive South Asian Climate Change Action Leadership Program
3. Executive Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Development Program
4. Social Enterprise Development Program
5. Employment Readiness Program

The following are upcoming international conference and learning opportunities at ICx Seplaa International:

  • Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Executive Program . Dialogues will be held in April, June and July.




  • South Asia Climate Change Action Based Leadership Program. Cohorts will be starting from November 2018 based on partners input from Sri Lanka and Philippines.

More international programs will be launched from February, 2019.



The first ICx Seplaa Executive Leadership Program Orientation was held at the Lincoln’s Corner at the Information Technology University (ITU).

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