June 6, 2015

ICx Seplaa Incubator & Social Enterprise Development Trainings

ICx Seplaa Incubator conducts 6 Core Incubation Trainings in each Social Enterprise Development and Incubation Cycle.

Each aims to teach participants the intricate techniques related to the entrepreneurial, leadership, legal and financial requirements to start up their own businesses. Not only are these workshops interactive and up to date with market trends, they also motivate and give the ‘ice breaking’ push to beginners to initiate, or carry forward their ventures. Participants learn to think outside the box and analyze real life situations using different sources.

6 Core Pre Incubation Trainings:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Project Development
  • Legal Framework Requirements for Business & Social Enterprises
  • Leadership & Marketing Skills For Business & Social Enterprises
  • IT & Social Media Leverage For impact
  • Workshop on Conflict Management for Workplace Effectiveness
  • Financial Requirements for Social Enterprise Development

A further detailed incubation is conducted in the above cores areas for those who are interested in creating a business or social enterprise.

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