March 14, 2018

Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Program

Program Overview & Objectives:

The Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Program was launched in February 2018 in Lahore and will conclude in September 2018. The main objectives of the program are to:

  • Create opportunities for business linkages between Pakistan and Turkey.
  • Learn about Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Turkey/Pakistan
  • Learn about where to showcase products and services in Turkey.
  • Learning of innovative and digitally disruptive management business tools for impact entrepreneurship in the region.
  • Strengthening of the international network  Seplaa Social Entrepreneurs Forum of Asia & Middle East (SEFA-ME) with partners support from Turkey and Pakistan.



Launch Dialogue on Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Program, Lahore in February, 2018.

The Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Development Program aims to explore where stakeholders from both countries can meet to develop business and innovative business models for social impact. This will become one of the permanent international learning programs of the ICx Seplaa International, which will be able to showcase Pakistani and Turkish counterparts in its concluding resource coffee table book, supporting social enterprise development in Pakistan and the region.

Mrs. Ammara Malik giving a session on social entrepreneurship at Okan University, Turkey.

ICx Seplaa Program Developemnt Team at Okan University, Turkey.

ICx Seplaa International representatives Mrs. Ammara Malik and Ms. Zahra Wyne visited the Okan University, Altinbas University, Hollings Center for International Dialogue and the Impact Hub, in Istanbul for partnership meetings and speaking sessions to elaborate upon the position of social entrepreneurship as impact entrepreneurship opportunities in Pakistan.

ICx Seplaa International Program Development Team at Altinbas University, Turkey in February, 2018.


At Hollings Center for International Development, February 2018, Istanbul.

In the second phase of the program, dialogue sessions are planned to be conducted in Pakistan to discuss the salient aspects of the development plan and to propose a way forward.


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